Welcome Peter and Helen Evans!
Cynthia in Announcements

Please help me welcome Peter and Helen Evans to the OSB! They are authors of the book, “Get Serious! The Church’s Stand on Contemporary Culture.” Consider these questions….. How do we respond to the co-worker who says she’s considering having an abortion? Is it really compassionate to put Great Aunt Sally out of her misery through euthanasia? What about all this “non-judgmental” stuff and how does it fit in a Christian life? Are we just animals? What is the best “welfare” to help the poor? Are the rich really evil? Is war ever the answer? 

As you can see, their topics are not for the faint of heart!  Take a look at their speaker page for more information about this delightful couple and their quest for the Truth.

Article originally appeared on Orthodox Speakers Bureau (http://www.orthodoxspeakers.com/).
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