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Congratulations Father Peter Michael Preble! 

His radio program Shepherd of Souls has become nationally syndicated.  Plus, he has a new ebook out - The Heartbeat of Leadership - which can be purchased on Amazon.  This is one busy priest who would love to speak for your next event!

Take a look at his speaker page here to find out more!



Cynthia Damaskos

Cynthia is available to speak on: Holistic Health & Wellness, Nutrition and Women’s Health. Learn more »

Additional Information: The Holistic Christian Woman Website

The Holistic Christian Woman Facebook Page

The Damaskos Way Health Coaching Services


Cynthia Damaskos

After 35 years of studying health and nutrition for herself, family and friends in an informal manner, public speaking, and leading bible studies she realized that all roads led to becoming a Health Coach. Currently a student at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, she coaches clients 1:1, leads women’s wellness workshops and holds retreats.

Women are in crisis right now. They are tired of fatigue, the increase of auto-immune diseases, diabetes, obesity, and the risks being handed down to their children. For the first time in history, parents are expected to outlive their children. Sorting through the latest studies in health and nutrition, which is often conflicting, is a full time job.  Due to the stressors of everyday life, the increasing complexities of raising children today, and caring for loved ones who are part of the aging baby boomer population; women crave balance and peace like never before.  They have to be reminded to breathe.  So often their lives feel out of control and they wonder….”Is this how I was meant to live?”

Cynthia’s upcoming book, The Holistic Christian Woman addresses all of these areas.  It helps women address their health goals and take charge of their family’s health by understanding how their bodies work in conjunction with the heart, mind and soul.

There are many books, lectures, workshops and retreats out there for secular women that are tempting.  They typically include yoga, meditation, and tools that other belief systems use in their spiritual practices. They tend to lead away from God and focus on the Self. Christian women either abstain from these, or more often than not, think that they can participate and filter out what they don’t believe, or what isn’t Christian, believing that they will recognize it when they see it.

Cynthia believes that Christian women should be able to experience guidance on holistic health with their focus on the one and only God. Not allowing other spiritual practices to corner the “Holistic” market as their own innovation. Not referring to a “Higher Power” or “The Universe”, but GOD. The Trinity, One in Essence and Undivided.  If our spirituality is the central focus of who we are holistically, it shouldn’t be watered down.

Due out in March of 2015, The Holistic Christian Woman book explores Galatians 5:22-23 and how these verses pertain to how we should be living our lives spiritually, emotionally and physically.  It is a workbook that can be used individually or for group bible study.


The Holistic Christian Woman - Bootcamp

Designed as a two night retreat, preferably at a monastery, it can also be held at retreat centers and resorts.

HCW-Bootcamp helps women shed the stress and overwhelm that often rules over their lives, while learning methods of health and wellness from a lifestyle, nutrition and spiritual perspective.  God comes first, and the rest of our lives follow.  Our spiritual selves are not only present on Sundays, during prayer time in the mornings, or before meals.  Our faith needs to integrate into every area of our lives in order to have peace and joy. 

Friday Night - Welcome and Instructions for the Evening and Following Morning. 

Saturday - Workshops on living as God created us - including a healthy body and brain.  Stress Reduction, Disease Prevention, and Hormone Management via Nutrition will be discussed.  Exercise, Sleeping, Quiet Time, Balance, and a Healthy Outlook on lifestyle changes will be addressed.

Sunday - Worship and Wrap Up

Healthy eating will be encouraged and arranged when possible. 

After this retreat, you will leave inspired.  You will be armed with tools that will enable you to return home feeling rested, renewed, and ready to make the changes needed for a healthier life for you and your family!

This retreat can be arranged by your church or organization, with Cynthia being brought in to facilitate.


One Day Workshop - Wellness and Balance 101

This workshop is designed for a single day.  Similar to Bootcamp, all three areas of a woman’s life are brought into light, with a focus on Christ at the center of which all other aspects revolve around.  The latest information on health and wellness will be shared, along with tools that can be implemented at home.


Your Own Holistic Christian Woman Conference

Similar to the Chicago conference in April of 2015, a conference can be held for your church or community.  Contact us for details.



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