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Fr. John A. Peck

Fr. John is available to speak on: Orthodoxy, New Media, Marriage and Education. Learn more »

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Fr. John A. Peck

Fr. John has a zeal to bring the Gospel of Christ as it is comprehended and preached in our Orthodox tradition to the American people. He believes that Orthodox Christianity offers a strong cultural apologetic to Americans of the twenty-first century.


Fr. John is the director of the Preachers Institute, an online homiletic resource for Orthodox pastors and preachers, which offers instruction on Biblical study, Lay preaching and advanced homiletics. He has been a Featured Homilist at, and a national partner and evaluator for the Academy of Preachers.


His first work in new media was the Incarnation Broadcast Network, the first 24 hour Orthodox Christian internet radio broadcast in the world, which included live service broadcasts and garnered listeners on every continent.
He has written several books and manuals for instruction including…
  • Reading the Bible The Orthodox Way – an Amazon Kindle #1 best seller
  • Interpreting the Bible the Orthodox Way – an Amazon Kindle #2 best seller
  • Rejecting Rapturemania (which he authored with Fr. Barnabas Powell)
  • Called to Serve, Basic Bible Survey for Orthodox Christians
  • Divine Liturgy: A Student Study Text,
  • The Orthodox Guide to Pastoral Blogging,
  • The Place for Preaching
  • His articles are seen on sites such as varied as, the American Orthodox Institute, The Handmaiden magazine, the St. Katherine College, Staley Training Systems, Theory To Practice, and The Masculine Heart.


    He also runs the Journey To Orthodoxy ( website, and his personal blog is



    The Orthodox Church of Tomorrow
    Preparing for the Underground Church
    The Orthodox Theology of Preaching
    Pre-Marital Counseling in the 21st Century
    Biblical Education
    What constitutes ‘basic’ Bible knowledge for Orthodox Christians
    Scripture: The Language of Heaven


    Called To Serve

    “This excellent little book, Called To Serve, by Fr. John Peck, is just the kind of tool I wish I had in hand when I began to study Holy Scripture in my youth. I would like to see it widely available to the young people and other beginners in all of our Orthodox parishes. It is a gem.”
    - Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Sr. Editor, Touchstone Magazine


    Reading the Bible the Orthodox Way

    Amazon reviews:

    “Once again, Fr. John Peck has demonstrated a great gift of being able to simply and concisely give instruction in the Orthodox Christian faith. This book should be given to everyone interested in understanding the Orthodox way to read Scripture!”
    “Clearly informative, right to the point and, at a bargain price. A good book for any serious reader. “

    Interpreting The Bible The Orthodox Way

    Amazon Reviews

    “Holy Scripture is a must read daily. Understanding what you are reading is another thing all together. Fr. John has presented, in an easy to read and understandable format, the Orthodox Christian frame of reference of the Bible. Whether you are Orthodox or not, this book is a must read!”

    “In a day and age when we try to complicate everything Fr. John Peck brings us this little book that simplifies the way we think about and study Scriptures from the unique and time tested Orthodox Christian perspective. If you are looking for a book about the way the Orthodox view Scripture look no further than these pages.”


    Rejecting Rapturemania – Making Sense of the Second Coming

    With Fr. Barnabas Powell

    In anticipation of the major Hollywood movie “Left Behind” which will hit theaters Oct. 5th, Preachers Institute is offering a booklet to help Orthodox Christians (and any others) understand what the Rapture is,  where it came from, and what the Church teaches, and has always taught, about it. 

    Amazon reviews:

    “This conveniently sized book helps Christians, who are being bombarded by the followers of the Rapture Heresy, to effectively and clearly explain the true teachings of Christianity on this subject.”


    “Initially on downloading I questioned the number of pages in my mind (for the subject matter not the price). it is a short read, but it is a good succinct read covering this more recent heresy and the hysteria that has surrounded it. Short, sweet, to the point and a great resource.”




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