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Fr. Joseph Huneycutt

Fr. Joseph is available to speak on: spiritual warfare, evangelism and marriage and family life among others. Learn more »



Fr. Joseph HuneycuttFr Joseph Huneycutt was reared a Southern Baptist in North Carolina. After more than a decade as an Episcopalian, he converted to Orthodoxy in 1993. He received a BS in Communication Arts from Appalachian State University (1982), a Master of Divinity from Nashotah House Episcopal Seminary in Wisconsin (1992), and his Doctor of Ministry in the Eastern Christian Context from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in conjunction with the Antiochian House of Studies in 1999.

Fr Joseph hosts the “Orthodixie” Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio and publishes a blog by the same name. His is the author of One Flew Over the Onion Dome - American Orthodox Converts, Retreads & Reverts,  (2006); DEFEATING SIN: Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever (2007), published by Regina Orthodox Press; and, We Came, We Saw, We Converted – The Lighter Side of Orthodoxy in America (2009), published by Conciliar Press.

In addition to developing and leading Orthodox retreats and conferences, Fr Joseph spent ten years planting Orthodox Missions in the Southeast. He is the Pastor of St Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas. He and his wife Elizabeth have three children: Mary Catherine, Basil, and Helen; a black poodle named Wotan, and a black cat named Lily.



Two Adams, Two Eves, One Rule, Two Trees

  • What led to the fall of the Archangel Lucifer and one-third of the heavenly hosts?
  • What caused the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve?
  • What causes our own stumbling?
  • How can we identify the traps and temptations of the enemy?
  • How do we get back up once we’ve fallen?
  • How can we struggle toward God-pleasing solutions – even the Kingdom of Heaven?

This combination Workshop/Retreat not only investigates “Original Sin,” but also those little niggling missteps that originate with us — bedeviling us, leading to the Passions and hampering Virtue. This presentation excels in helping a community understand repentance and the sacrament of Confession. Though perfect for Lent and fasting seasons, it may be used at any time of year as an aid in spiritual warfare.

How do Orthodox Christians Evangelize?

“Not very well,” one might answer. This energetic and humorous presentation is designed to

  1. Help Missions Grow;
  2. Invigorate Older Communities;
  3. Entertain and Inspire.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t ever look at evangelism quite the same. The presentation covers:

  • Is it my responsibility to bring others to Christ?
  • How does prayer, fasting, and alms giving affect evangelism?
  • St Seraphim of Sarov says, “Find inner peace and thousands around you will find their salvation.” How do I do this?
  • Who’s coming to Orthodoxy? Why?
  • What should my parish be doing?
  • What should I be doing?

From the pitfalls of Convert zeal to the missteps of Cradle Orthodox, this presentation helps us to laugh at everyone — especially ourselves — in hopes of shaking off the old man of evangelism and putting on the new. Oh sure, there’s lots of folks converting to Orthodoxy. However, much of that movement is due to dissatisfaction from without and nothing done (by the Orthodox) within; we often grow in spite of ourselves! Just how do Orthodox Christians evangelize? That’s the question. This presentation is part of the answer.

Adam & Eve and Other Married Couples

  • What does it mean “wives submit to your husband?”
  • We’ve had kids, now what?
  • We have no kids, now what?
  • That part about becoming “one flesh,” what’s that about?
  • The man I’m married to is not the man I married. Is he?
  • Now that the “thrill is gone,” what’s next?
  • We’re newlywed and thrilled, what’s next?
  • Just what does the Church teach about marriage? 

Anytime a married couple comes to me for counseling, I always start by saying: “You’re not here because you’re having problems. You’re here because you love each other. There are plenty of couples with problems in their marriage; only those who love each other bring them to the Church.

From St John Chrysostom to the old “Newlywed Game,” from the Church Fathers all the way up to your father — even Adam and Eve, this retreat is designed to help married couples remember (or discover) their high calling. Contrary to the ways of the world and its antichristian propaganda, the Church has always stood firm in her witness to the sanctity of Marriage between a man, a woman, and God. This retreat includes 1) a funny way of getting to know one another, even one’s spouse; 2) biblical passages dealing with marriage; 3) and, the understanding of the Church Fathers regarding those biblical passages and the vocation of Christian Marriage.

Note: This retreat is designed for couples.

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