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Lea Povozhaev


Dr. Lea Povozhaev is eager to speak on topics through which she would discuss the relationship between body and spirit in the context of Orthodox Christianity. Lea is an Orthodox Christian and a mother of four precious children, with a child on the way in September, 2016. She desires Truth and the light of God’s saving love to reveal better ways to live well. Her recent book, Becoming Whole, is her investigation into vaccination, and it is a sort of spiritual journey with a personal tone and inviting style. She says, “Exploring the ways the body and soul interact is integral to my faith in the Giver of Life.” She looks forward to speaking on the research and personal narrative in her book, forthcoming in the spring of 2016. 

                Dr. Lea Povozhaev is an author, adjunct instructor of composition and creative writing, and scholar in contemporary medical rhetoric. Her memoir When Russia Came to Stay was published in 2012 (Orthodox Research Institute), and her dissertation Addiction Rhetoric: Conceptual Metaphors in Illness Narratives was published by Sarrbrucken: Scholars’ Press, 2014. She has over 20 spiritual and creative essays and personal narratives in print. She earned her PhD, Rhetoric and Composition, Kent State University, 2014; MFA, Nonfiction (Creative Writing), Northeast Ohio Universities Master of Fine Arts, University of Akron, 2007; MA, Composition, University of Akron, 2005; BA, English, Malone University, 2001; and spent a semester abroad with The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Nizhni Novgorod State University, RU, 1999. Lea has taught in higher education (while pursuing graduate degrees) since 2003.

                Dr. Povozhaev’s academic work with language and its influence on our understanding of illness and wellness, as well as her personal life as a woman and mother, led her to research vaccines and current health care and respond with a book to provide current research and anecdotes that illustrate the risks of vaccination. Lea argues, the root cause of continuing to vaccinate, despite serious risks to society, is a result of misguided ways of thinking about wellness. Throughout Becoming Whole, she argues for holistic approaches to wellness that carefully consider the relationship between the entire body and soul of human beings made in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. She makes a compelling case for considering wellness according to how the Orthodox Church understands personhood as body and spirit. Her considerations are in light of current issues in health care and society. Lea’s main topics are vaccination and life becoming prayer. Her book is more than a report of information, it is a journey in which she navigates living faithfully in her body and soul in today’s broken world. Dr. Povozhaev illustrates that what is done in the body has implications for the soul.

Click here for access to Dr. Povozhaev’s book Finding Love, Family, and God: Living the Orthodox Christian Tradition”

Speaking Interests:

Natural immunity, holistic health, and anti-vaccination; prayer; prayer vs. secular meditation; ancient faith and contemporary Christianity

A note to those interested in my speaking on the anti-vaccine position:

                I have been researching vaccination for three years, the last year intensively as I composed my book. My son is vaccine injured, from which my interests began (11 years before). The sanctity of life is my baseline concern. All that I would speak on would relate to this focus. I have many things to share related to the harm vaccines have caused and cause historically. Many would be shocked to hear the true history of smallpox and polio, the incidence of diseases in vaccinated and un-vaccinated populations, and the reality of natural immunity, which has never developed from vaccinations. I have over 200 sources from which I would compile my presentation.

                Whether in agreement with me or not, many would be interested to understand the real reasons behind resistance to vaccines. I would not lecture but simply speak to parents and care-takers on vaccination from an anti-vaccine position. Of course we all desire wellness, so there needs to be communication on what is at stake that many may not realize based on mainstream information regarding vaccination. Mandatory vaccination calls many social issues to light such as freedom of medical choice. I believe with my life that speaking freely right now on vaccination is crucial so that people can make informed and best choices. History shows us the thousands more with smallpox, after the introduction of the vaccine; history reveals the fact that the ONLY cases of polio from 1960-2000 occurred from the polio vaccine; history, in its undeniable bold pronouncement, illustrates that SIDS happens with vaccinated populations.

                What follows is a list of discussion points in order to provide some basic touchstones that I would like to address:

                —my personal narrative and credentials for speaking on this

                —history of vaccines (and medical models)

                —information on ingredients, the CDC recommended vaccine schedule (past, present, and future), disease statistics   in populations throughout the world (vaccinated and non-vaccinated)

                —natural immunity

                —“herd immunity”

                —ethical considerations


Topics for Speaking, tailored to particular sponsors’ interests:

  1. Individualizing Wellness and Saving the Holistic Self
  2. Preserving Life and Nurturing Natural Immunity
  3. The Right to Life: Diseases Today and False Herd Immunity
  4. Being Well in the Ancient Faith
  5. Life as Prayer: The Warring Dogs
  6. Ancient Christian Prayer Beyond “Christian Yoga”
  7. Unavoidable Illness and Death, Our Saving Road
  8. Holiness and Wholeness in Orthodox Christianity
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