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Peter & Helen Evans

The Evans are available to speak on: Politics, Animal Rights, Cloning and Stem Cell Research, among others. Learn more »

Additional Information:


Peter & Helen EvansPeter and Helen Evans were brought up in the Christian faith but left it during their college years. This husband and wife team came back by a circuitous route; some Eastern philosophy, Theosophy, Sufism, New Age. You name it, they tried it and again and again hit a stone wall until they came back to what they had never really tried before: Christianity – the Truth.

They have asked the tough questions you’ve been asking and they bring the Christian answers to real life. This is not Sunday school. They won’t be taking on theological subtleties such as whether or not Mary was immaculately conceived. Instead, they deal with the questions that have a real impact in everyday life. How do we respond to the co-worker who says she’s considering having an abortion? Is it really compassionate to put Great Aunt Sally out of her misery through euthanasia? What about all this “non-judgmental” stuff and how does it fit in a Christian life? Are we just animals? What is the best “welfare” to help the poor? Are the rich really evil? Is war ever the answer? They are authors of the book, “Get Serious! The Church’s Stand on Contemporary Culture.”

Consider the following “nice” thoughts.

  • “Surely we’ve progressed as a species beyond the need for the senseless brutality of war. Shouldn’t there be peace on earth?”
  • “My therapist tells me that, with regression therapy, I won’t have these negative feelings again. After all, we’re made in the image of God and He’s perfect and so this therapy will make me perfect, too!”
  • “We’re all just animals; God made every one of us.”
  • “God doesn’t want us to suffer. So, if someone is terminally ill, it’s compassionate to help them along. It helps the family, too.”
  • “She shouldn’t ruin her life by bringing that deformed fetus into the world. It’s more compassionate not to let the poor baby suffer with both a deformity and a mother who is suffering, too.”
  • “It’s better to just get along than to fight. Nothing’s worth dying for.”
  • “Who am I to judge? After all, Jesus said ‘Judge not,’ so we just have to accept it.”
  • “I can’t believe we have anything to do with the ‘sins of Adam’, or Eve for that matter.”
  • “We can make this world a uptopia; didn’t the Bible say we shall have Heaven on Earth?”
  • “God forgives all, so you shouldn’t feel bad about your mistake… ‘no blame, no shame’ as they say!”
  • “I’ve no desire to change anything about myself. After all, why should I change what God made?”
  • “God doesn’t make junk, so we are all perfect just as we are.”
  • “We can learn so much from little children who are pure in heart, fresh from God.”

You get the idea. Any of these sound familiar? Sometimes we hear these phrases and smile or nod or even incorporate them into our conversations. How far can this process go before we no longer have any real, Christian values? After all, we’re still a relatively polite society and we do try to live in harmony with our neighbors. Yet, we’re also a society based on individual liberty. How successful have you actually been at living in this secular world with what you think are Christian values?

Let us suggest that contemporary society is eroding our values bit by bit and if we don’t rediscover the true foundation, we won’t have anything to stand on. This great country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and, when those are eroded, our country, our culture and our society will be unrecognizable to us. There are other cultures at war with ours, and not just radical Islam. The slow creep of pagan humanism is invading our culture. It’s easy to recognize a threat in some fanatic screaming “Death to Amerika!” but it’s much more difficult to recognize the insidious threat posed by those who claim that our happiness is what’s really important and that we can all just get along by smoothing off the rough edges of our divisive ideologies and celebrating our diversity. The best defense against that threat is a firm foundation. It is recognition of the Truth.


These are just a few of the topics we explore in our talks.

  • Current Cultural Topics from the Christian Point of View
    Abortion, Euthanasia, War, Welfare, Animal Rights, Cloning and Stem Cell Research. We can structure talks to take on this range of subjects as a whole, or focus on a specific issue or issues.
  • How New Age ‘Spirituality’ Has Invaded our Culture
    For example, we’ve heard it over and over again that, if someone doesn’t like us - if other countries don’t like our country - it must be because we are doing something wrong. Is this Christian or is it New Age thinking? If compromise is the highest moral virtue, how are we to understand the uncompromising lives of the saints, the apostles and of Jesus?
  • Politics is Applied Theology
    We know our politics arises from our culture and our culture arises from our deepest beliefs. According to a Barna Group survey, over 71% of Americans believe in God as “the all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect creator of the universe who rules the world today.” However, according to the same survey, only 4% of Americans have a Biblical worldview. Many Christians and spiritual people believe they are holding Christian beliefs but really are not.
  • Get Serious: The Church’s Stand on Contemporary Culture                                                         The focus will be on the six topics covered in the new book by the same name: Euthanasia, Abortion, Stem Cell Research and Cloning, War, Welfare and Animal Rights. Some of the questions discussed will be: What happens to us after we die? Haven’t we progressed beyond the need for war? What will make me happy? If there is so much suffering around, how can we say God is compassionate? What does it mean to help the poor? Aren’t all rich people barred from heaven? Are we just animals? Allow two to three hours.

For more, immediate information on this topic, you can watch their video: “What’s Happening to the Land of the Free?” or read a speech they gave on the National Mall. They travel from the Washington, DC area.

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