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Rita Madden

Rita is available to speak on: Health and Nutrition, Weight Loss, Chronic Disease Prevention.


Rita Madden, MPH, RDN, completed her graduate work in Public Health, Nutrition at Loma Linda University in California.

Rita Madden

She is the author of the book: Food, Faith and Fasting, A Sacred Journey to Better Health.

Her book was inspired by responses to her workshops and her podcasts on Food, Faith and Fasting, which are available on Ancient Faith Radio (

Rita is the program director for Mediterranean Wellness, a company that focuses on sensible weight management and chronic-disease prevention. She focuses on helping people and families form a healthy relationship with food. Such areas include weight loss/management, type-2 diabetes prevention, reducing blood pressure and triglycerides.

As a Registered Dietician who finds inspiration from the great role that the Eastern Orthodox tradition plays in modern-day health, Rita is passionate about working with people to prevent/manage chronic diseases and to lose/manage weight through a faith-based approach to eating and living.

Rita is thankful for the opportunity to share this ancient wisdom of the church to help people live a healthier life. Her lectures include guidance from the ancient church to help with lifestyle changes to attain weight loss and chronic-disease prevention and management.

She conducts nutrition workshops on a nation-wide level and is devoted to helping people form a healthy relationship with food.


  • I know Rita Madden to be a good speaker, sincere person, and knowledgeable Orthodox Christian, who has helped many fellow Christians through lectures and individual counseling. I encourage all to take advantage of her talents and gifts. Her eating tips will surely help people bring self control in their lives and dedicate themselves to Christ.
    —Bishop +JOHN,  Antiochian Orthodox Diocese of Worcester and New England, Editor of The Word

  • Rita Madden is a very knowledgeable and talented speaker. On two occasions she held fund raising lectures that benefited International Orthodox Christian Charities. Ms. Madden was very animated and engaging in her presentations – and the audiences loved her. For our lectures Mrs. Madden integrated the topics of proper nutrition into the context of the teachings of our early Church Fathers and Saints. I thought the content was excellent and original. I highly recommend Ms. Madden.
    —Nicholas E. Terezis, CFA, IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee, Chairman

  • So often today we hear of what foods are good for us, make us healthy, beautiful, model thin all of which are based on outword appearances but how often do we hear of foods that are also healthy and beautiful based on our Christian values and history.

    Rita Maddens program “Food and Faith” is just such a program. Rita reminds us of the history of food and how it relates to our teachings regarding Christ, Lent and Faith. She refers to the Bible and the teachings of Christ and the Apostles regarding food and how we should treat it and use it to strengthen our Christian Faith.

    As a dietician, she also moves the teachings of the Bible to present day customs and how we can incorporate these teachings into our present day life. It is often so difficult to make the right choices, both spiritually and physically in this day and age but her common sense approach to these challenges makes it an easy transition.

    From the history of Koliva to the snack foods of today, she brings it all together and removes the challenge of eating right both physically and spiritually. Her approach is both practical and refreshing and highly recommended for any group interested in improving their eating habits and faith.
    —Kitsa Lipecky, Philoptochos Program Chairman

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