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William DiPuccio

William DiPuccio is a convert to Orthodoxy (2005) and attends St. Elia the Prophet Orthodox Church in Akron, Ohio, with his wife Barbara, and their two adult children.  He holds a Ph.D. in religious studies and has also worked in science and engineering.  A former weather forecaster for the U.S. Navy, he has taught and published on science, religion, and history. 

Currently, Dr. DiPuccio teaches Astronomy and Meteorology online for the Classical Learning Resource Center, and he serves as an instructor at Heritage Classical Academy, near Akron, Ohio, where he teaches Earth Science (geology, astronomy, meteorology) and Physical Science (chemistry, physics).   He is also an occasional lecturer at Ravenburn College where he has conducted classes on Islam, revolutions in modern science, and the foundations of government.

 Dr. DiPuccio operates a small studio, Kinetoscope microProductions, which creates educational videos and documentaries.  In 2017 Kinetoscope released a full length documentary (available on YouTube) on the life of Muhammad, showing how his teachings and example continue to shape modern Islam. 

Special interests include the intersection of science and religion, the origins, beliefs, and practices of Islam, and the philosophical/religious foundations of American government. 


Topics Include:


  • ·       The Holy Fire of Pascha in Scripture, History, and Science
  • ·       What About Islam?
  • ·       Islam Through the Lens of Muhammad’s Life
  • ·       Issues in Science and Religion
  • ·       Perspectives on Creation and Evolution
  • ·       Young Earth Creationism and Orthodoxy
  • ·       Science and the Cosmos:  From Classical, to Quantum, to Divine Matrix
  • ·       Confronting the New Atheism
  • ·       Christianity, the American Founders, and the Constitution


More information on Dr. DiPuccio’s videos, publications, and research can be found on his blog, Science Et Cetera.


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